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What Do Our Tarps Help With?

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In the event of a fire, your home may suffer from a compromised structure, and holes in the ceiling or roof. Emergency board-up service and roof tarping is a good measure to prevent additional property loss until restoration services can be taken care of.

Flood Mitigation

When it rains hard enough to flood an area, the source of the water could impact the type of home services required. For example, if your roof begins to leak due to heavy rainfall, tarping can be applied to temporarily cover the holes.

Severe Weather

Extreme weather conditions can cause different types of damage to a home's structure. Strong wind gusts can uproot trees and send branches flying through windows, while hail and rain can cause major wreckage to roofs. Both hurricanes and tornadoes, have the ability to tear siding from homes and rip shingles off rooftops. For all of these cases, you'll want your windows, walls, and roofs covered to prevent additional weather conditions from affecting your home until repairs can be made.

Other Conditions

Wet drywall removal, dehumidification, building stabilization, new roof installation, shingle damage repair and reroofing, and much more!

Need to cover your next home improvement or repair project confidently? We can help.

Get the secure coverage you need for your home repair projects. JES can help supply the tarping materials you need. Whether it's roof shrink wrap for wrapping clay, tile, metal roofs, commercial flat roofs, or tarping for shingle roofs, as a homeowner, you can trust that JES will see you through and cover your home confidently.

Is your home suffering from recent hurricane damage? Weather storm tarps are vital for protection against the most severe storms mother nature brings your way. Our products are reinforced poly tarps or hurricane mesh tarps manufactured to withstand the toughest of hurricanes, sandstorms, or snowstorms.

Made of dependable material, our hurricane tarps are designed to keep the interior of your home safe as the storm passes. Placing a hurricane tarp on a damaged home as a roofers tarp will effectively keep the elements out until permanent repairs can be done.

Hurricane-affected areas are often prime vacation spots. Your vacation home may be at risk! Hurricane tarps will protect your house of permanent residence or vacation home.

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About JES

J.E.S., Inc. over the past 5 years has shifted its focus to specialize in restoration services. These include but are not limited to: creating accurate insurance quality Xactimate estimates, mobilizing to disaster areas during and/or immediately following an event, supply of demo and cleaning labor, setting up/monitoring/completing dehumidification services with company-owned equipment, mold-remediation service, and complete build back capabilities.